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Stupid Things Happen

It was 1998.  Graduate school.  A tough week of exams.  Late night at a bar.  Came home and drank gallons of Gatorade and took a preemptive aspirin.  Slid onto the couch and turned on TV.

I didn’t remember much else from that night, discount cialis cialis but two weeks later I received a package from Time Life, viagra canada and in it I found a box set titled, “The Rock ‘N’ Roll Era”.  Spread out over 13 CDs, the box set cataloged some of the best known songs from the 50s and 60s.  At first I thought it was a belated Christmas gift from someone who knew that I grew up listening exclusively to oldies and classic rock, but there was no card, no name, no nothing. But like Scooby and Shaggy, it took about 25 minutes to solve the mystery – the same amount of time to read all the enclosed brochures (I looove brochures) and carefully cut away the shrink wrap on all 13 CDs using an x-acto knife (I was a little anal retentive back then).  As I read the brochures describing the content of the package and thumbed through the CDs, I began to realize what happened on the night two weeks prior – it was my first drunken-late-night-infomercial-purchase incident.  (Sigh – it was not my last.)

Of course, you must understand that this was not my fault. It’s true – I have a weakness, nay genetic disposition to infomercial purchases. My father had a disease, a disease that manifested only on Sundays between 11am-3:30pm while the TV was tuned to either WGN or TBS. He couldn’t help himself from buying completely useless, but well packaged, crap for years and years as we – the rest of the family – collectively clucked our tongues and shook our heads in shame. Don’t believe it was a disease? I have three words for you: Deli. Meat. Slicer. God, I hated ham for a long time afterwards.

So I apparently came home that night, watched the Time Life infomercial, proceeded to call the 800 number, gave my credit card information to buy the 13-CD set, AND somehow agreed to buy the Time Life The Rock ‘N’ Roll Era Still Rockin’ 5-CD extended collection – AND completely forgot about it all.  One week later, I indeed did receive the extended collection increasing my stake in Time Life Music.  That’s right – I now had not 13, but 18 CDs from Time Life.

I’m somewhat (but not entirely) embarrassed to admit that there have been other infomercial purchases – inebriated or not.  No need to go into details of all the various devices and such, but I will say that for two weeks in 2000, I had the best beef jerky!  And ok, let me just make it clear that I ordered the Snuggie FOR Amanda because she always complains about being too cold!  Now…did I need to agree to accept the second one for “free” (and just pay the additional shipping and handling fee of $10)??  No…that one’s on me.  I admit it.

Anyway, here are a few selections from my vast Time Life Music collection.  The first is the original, followed by a great cover.

Sea of Love, Phil Phillips.
Sea Of Love, Cat Power (from The Covers Album, 2000).  Yes, yes, the Honeydrippers version is better known, but I love her voice.

Hey! Baby, Bruce Channel.
Hey! Baby, The Holmes Brothers (from Simple Truths, 2004).  The entire album is quite good.

Last Kiss, J. Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers.
Last Kiss, Pearl Jam (from rearviewmirrors, 2006).  This is probably at or near the top of the A-Cover-Of-A-60s-Song-That-Kids-Think-Is-An-Original List.  Stupid kids.

My Boyfriend’s Back, The Angels.
My Boyfriend’s Back, Raveonettes (from Pretty in Black, 2005).  Just enough fuzz to make the confection more palatable.

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